Opt Out of Angeltown Dentists Dental Directory

Opting Out of the Angeltown Dentists Dental Directory

Dentists who wish to remove their unclaimed listings from the Angeltown Dental directory can opt out by submitting a request through our contact page, along with the necessary profile details. Our team will then verify the requester's identity by checking the email domain and business website linked to the profile.

Please note that unofficial email addresses, such as [dentistname]123@gmail.com, are not acceptable. Additional verification will be necessary if a business domain email address is not provided.

Once your identity is confirmed, you will be notified when your profile has been removed from the Angeltown Dental directory.

The Importance of Verification

The verification process is essential to protect the Angeltown Dentists dental database from spammers and marketing agencies seeking to employ negative SEO tactics against rivals.

Negative SEO

Understanding Negative SEO

Negative SEO, or Black Hat SEO, involves tactics like requesting the deletion or alteration of a competitor's listing to redirect traffic and decrease their search ranking.

As your profile on Angeltown Dental becomes more prominent, it increases the likelihood of attracting new patients. And an adequately maintained profile can generate 5-10 inquiries monthly, even if unclaimed.

With a limited pool of potential patients, gaining one more for your practice means one fewer for your competitors.

A common negative SEO strategy involves eliminating online marketing channels to decrease web traffic. If potential patients cannot find your dental practice online, they may opt for your competitors.

When LOCALSYNC, which manages multiple professional directories, receives opt-out requests from unofficial [dentistname]123@gmail.com-type emails, we exercise caution. Notably, over 97% of requesters using such "fake" email addresses fail to respond when asked for identity verification.

Update My Legal Listing

Is Claiming Your Listing Necessary for Updating It?

Although the Angeltown Dentists team will remove your dentistry profile upon request, it is essential to understand the benefits that directory sites offer in enhancing your SEO and Google search rankings.

Therefore, it might be more beneficial for your dental practice to let us update your profile for a nominal fee.

Please note customizations will only be completed after we verify your identity. The Angeltown Dentists staff will contact the e-mail address supplied with your payment. If we are not able to finish the verification process, your payment will be canceled and reimbursed.

Profile Setup After Claiming It

There is no need for any action on your part. The Angeltown Dentists team will set up your profile as part of your annual marketing subscription.

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